Xiahn Nishi plastic surgery before and after

Xiahn Nishi had 10 Surgeries to Look Asian A 25-year-old Brazilian man with blond hair and blue eyes has surprised people when decided to change his appearance. That boy’s real name is Max, but now, people often refer him to Xiahn Nishi. Xiahn had undergone 10 surgeries to get the Asian look as he wished. 10 times cutlery of Xiahn cost $ 3,000. Now, Xiahn Nishi was very popular in the online community for his quite handsome look.

Xiahn Nishi is a student in the student exchange program. Xiahn Nishi has a special love for music and drama of Korea. He started obsessed to become a Korean in the learning process according to the exchange program in this country. Only after a year studying at the University Dongseo, he never stops dreaming about one-eyelid eyes and black hair. ‘I often use my hand and tried to pull the eyes to have dilated eyes. Those eyes were my desire’, Xiahn shared Zero Hora newspaper of Brazil.

He has spent more than $3000 to look like a Korean people after a long time studying abroad in Korea. Xiahn Nishi revealed that he has had 10 eyes surgeries in order to look more Asian. He told Metro.co.uk. ‘I had a major surgery on my eyes and small ones to have the best appearance’. Acid was the main material used as a filler in his cosmetic surgery, will stays in his creases for 2 years then his eyes will return to original shape. At first, the information about his 10 plastic surgeries is a shock news, but then, he became popular because his good-looking appearance. Look at images of Xiahn Nishi plastic surgery before, he was blond, now he dyed his hair sometimes black or pink and wears contact lenses to enhance his new good look.

It can be seen clearly from the eyes changing process of Xiahn Nishi plastic surgery before and after. First, the tail of the eyes was elongated; crease the one-eyelid effect. Then, the below eyelids were collapsed. Finally, acid is injected into the upper eyelid, as a result, they will be disappeared and the finale eyes of Xiahn were also completed. It sounds simple and straightforward, but in fact, they will not be affected immediately but gradually after 10 surgeries. This is a right decision because if during surgery, if any complications occur, the doctor may correct it immediately. It is more beneficial than the surgery with quickly methods. Two years is a short period of time but also not too long, but enough for Xiahn Nishi to change his mind. If then, he has decided to stick with them permanently, it would be much easier. ‘I do not mind wrong things. I’m just afraid that the scars will expose the aesthetic. But things are happening very smoothly. My eyesight is great’, Xiahn said.

Xiahn Nishi after plastic surgery, Xiahn still wears all black contact lenses. He dyed his blond hair to black.  And now, Xiahn had the appearance looks similar to Asians. The only part which was not touched by the ‘cutlery’ is the nose. At home, while his father decided to support Xiahn, his mother has no sympathy for him. However, Xiahn still insisted his decision was right. He said: ‘Each of us only live once, so please become what you want. For me, completely changed the look is very normal thing’. Many people suggested that Xiahn not look Korean but has many features as the singer Vanness Wu, a former member of F4 group (Taiwan).

Now Xiahn Nishi has plans to move to South Korea as soon as he has he can. We think that he will easily integrate into the new society. But some people still said that Xiahn Nishi unlike Asians, while he still thinks he is totally handsome. How about you, what do you think about his new look?

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