Worst celebrity plastic surgery: Amanda Lepore

The worst celebrity plastic surgery may be belong to Amanda Lepore. She overcame the wrost celebrity plastic surgery in Hollywood history.

The worst celebrity plastic surgery is really a disaster, Her look completely destroyed and it was difficult to give back her original appearance.

Worst celebrity plastic surgery: Amanda Lepore

Amanda used to be the Queen of all the worst plastic surgery. The American model  had a sex change operation at the age of 19. She’s 47 now. And one could easily guess the pain and extreme plastic surgery procedures she underwent to accomplish the transformation. Let us dig deep into the wrost celebrity plastic surgery story that she had to go through one at a time.
Before and after the worst celebrity plastic surgery

Amanda Lepore plastic surgery is considered as the worst celebrity plastic surgery ever. She is among the handful Hollywood celebrity who had a change of sexuality. Amanda Lepore before plastic surgery was a man, thanks to plastic surgery; he was transformed in to a woman. she admit that she knows she should be a woman instead of a man ever since she could remember. That is why she done multiple plastic surgeries not only to change her appearance, to live with her real gender. She has been reported to getting a forehead lift, face lift, eyelid surgery, Rhinoplasty, Botox and breast Augmentations. In an interview, she said that she had hoped the surgery will transform her into either Marilyn Monroe or Jessica Rabbit. However, she was unlucky. Her results of the plastic surgeries were not as expected. She may have overdone it a little in the process.

The most important surgery for Amanda is breast implants. The surgery has been done to make her breasts larger and also bigger. They look good although some people say they are too big. She is happy with the result of the surgery for her breasts and she is really proud of it.

On her face, she has done a lot of procedure, the first that she has done lip implanting that she done to make her lips bigger and plumper. This is why she has very sexy lips. However, she later does lips size reduction on her bottom part to make it more even. After having the surgery, she looks more like Jessica Rabbit who has sexy lips. Though the Jessica Rabbits’s lips look has made Amanda lips look a bit like swollen , she is happy and satisfied with that surgery result. Besides, she also wants have her nose like Jessica Rabbit. This woman was very attractive and adorable, but of course in cartoon. Jesica’s slim and cute nose had made Amanda lepore went under multiple nose job. she got her nose done for many times. And the result won’t help anything to save her face from disaster though. On the other hand, Fillers Injection also contributed to the worst celebrity plastic surgery.  Fillers helped her skin becomes smoother and shining. It built a very thick and wide lips but it didn’t suite her overal face anymore. While the sillicone was inserted in the waist and hips area. You can see, her body was really curvy like Jessica rabbit, but in a the bad version.

Total the worst celebrity plastic surgery cost

She didn’t revealed the cost of the transformation and the extreme plastic surgery she went through, but summarized it in way, she think, she’s proud of.

“Asked how much her cosmetic work has cost in total, the busty blonde declined to provide an answer, merely stating: ‘There is a reason I am labeled ‘The Most Expensive Body On Earth’.

Now, she is satisfied with her look. she feels confident and attractive. She has no regret for what she has done though fans called them as the worst celebrity plastic surgery in Hollywood. The best thing she gets is that she is now no longer a man. Although she cannot be like Marilyn Monroe or Jessica Rabbit, she can at least be a woman.

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