Whitney Cummings Plastic Surgery Before and After

Whitney Cummings is best known as an actress and also a Comedian. What thing that made her name in this site was the plastic surgery possibility. She is actually still 32 years old. She was said having plastic surgeries in order to make a new appearance. Media reported that she had gone under some works including nose job, eyelid surgery, and lip injection. You can compare the before and after pictures and decide.

Whitney Cummings Plastic Surgery

nose job
this kind of procedures is very popular in America. It has been a high trend in this state. Whitney possibly got a nose job as well. It could be seen from the shape of her nose today. It appeared narrower than she used to have. It also reconstruct her nostril a bit. The tip of the nose also got smaller shape.

eyelid surgery

eyelid surgery (also known as blepharoplasty) was a plastic surgery she got. It made her eyes fresher. If you take a look at the before and after picture, she actually got a little bags under her eyes. After having the eyelid surgery, she got fresher and better eyes. The surgery had removed the bags and keep them away from the sign of aging. Is she really afraid of being old? What will you say to see this?

Whitney Cummings Plastic Surgery Before and After

beside having both eyelid and nose job, Whitney also made her lips done. It could be lip injection.This procedure was done by injecting some fillers injection. It is possibly juvederm or collagen. The lips looked fuller and thicker.Fortunately the shape of the lips still look good. Unlike some others celebrity who got an overdone work like Joan van Ark, Pete burns, etc.

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