What plastic surgery Anna Faris have got?

Anna Faris is an American actress, singer. Her name became popular with the acting role  in Scary Movie series. Images of Anna Faris gave deep impression in audience’s mind.

After the Scary Movie I, audiences noticed that her breast had some changes. It looked like Anna Faris had underwent knife to increase her boobs’s size from A cup to solid C cup. Many people absolutely confirm about this because before plastic surgery, Anna Faris owned a flat chested figure. And now her big breast makes Anna more pretty and sexier than before. Her boobs have been so natural and fitted with her.

Anna Faris has admitted to having a breast enhancement. She explained  breast implants to help her recover from a divorce “It was so fun to feel over-the-top ridiculous and sexy” that she decided to get breast implants after the film was complete. The 36 year-old  Anna Faris added, “It wasn’t a career thing — it was a divorce thing.”

Anna has felt satisfactory with the result of her breast implant. Almost of people agreed with comments of that her new appearance has been actually fresh and attractive. Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says, “Anna Faris does appear to have much higher and fuller cleavage most likely from a breast augmentation. It is normal to see recent divorcees seeking some type of physical enhancement through plastic surgery.  Many express the attitude of a new look for their new life.”

Rumors about celebs may be never end. Anna Faris has been supposed  to get many other plastic surgery such as Botox injections to lift eyebrows, collagen injections on her lip and nose job

People can’t sure all about of these rumors has been true of just gossip. But we can’t deny that Anna Faris’s new look improved and more and more hottie.

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