Wendy Williams plastic surgery procedures

Wendy Williams plastic surgery news came as a shocker and a surprise in the celebrities rumor magazines. Wendy Williams plastic surgery was apparently a blunder when you see her before and after photos. Wendy Williams plastic surgery is surely one of the most recognized headlines on the Internet in recent times, as the popular show host went in for several “tidy ups” and came clean about it right away. Unlike other celebs, she didn’t deny the rumors and openly admitted her plastic surgery.

Wendy Williams is known best as a comedian and also a TV personality, DJ with experience and creativity.  Many of her fans consider her as a career oriented woman who has a sense of humor mixed with no-nonsense attitude and brash when it comes to her job and career. Wendy Williams used to be tall, big, loud and vigorous; quite a woman. However, her recent appearance looks unnatural and a bit weird, especially regarding her cup size. She is reported to have had breast implants and liposuction to boost her sexy image. Check out Wendy Williams plastic surgery before and after photos below:

Wendy Williams plastic surgery procedures

In her 50s, she admitted that she is a big fans of botox injection. The botox injection give her the smooth facial skin which is looks so flawless and free from wrinkles too. It might be done nicely and not overdone. Blemishes like crow’s feet lines, and other aging lines are nonexistent, despite the fact that her age has crossed the 49-year-old mark. Sadly, Wendy Williams plastic surgery on her face were far from the people’s expectation.

Wendy Williams nose job is noticeable throughout. If you compare between Wendy Williams plastic surgery pictures, the significant change on the nose looked obvious. Her current nose shape looks slimmer and well reshaped at the tip. When one looks at her cheeks, it appears higher that prior to the plastic surgery which is an indication that she had cheek implants. Though, some people think that the nose job was actually unneeded. Her old nose looked better and more natural for her face. When one looks at her cheeks, it appears higher that prior to the plastic surgery which is an indication that she had cheek implants.

Wendy Williams plastic surgery: boob job

The main reason why Wendy Williams opted to undergo the surgeon’s knife is that she felt uncomfortable with her condition that was overweight and her cup size that was small. So she  took breast augmentation to make her become more appealing, gorgeous and elegant. Unfortunately, Her current cup size is not proportionate to her body; she does not look hot and natural like she was before. She went for an awful boob job that did not work perfectly and now she is not the beauty many used to adore even in her older age. Talking about the plastic surgery that she got in recent years, Wendy Williams told the public that she enjoyed with her current appearance. She even looked more confiden. Although some people have considered Wendy Williams as an example of too much plastic surgery, we at least appreciate her bravery when admitting to her surgical procedures. Wendy Williams plastic surgery has been made public and she has stated openly that she would not have been perfect without plastic surgery.

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