Valerie Harper Plastic Surgery Before and After

Valerie Harper is known well for her role as Rhoda in Mary Tyler Moore Show in 1970s. Valerie Harper is another old celebrity whose name became hot topic in recent years. As many people know that Valerie is no longer young. Her age has been 75 years old now. But her appearance still 15 years younger. Many people questioned about what she did to keep her appearance well.Some of them even assumed that Valerie had gone under plastic surgery. This could be very possible.

Valerie Harper Plastic Surgery Before and After

Valerie had already felt aging on her body. there’s no doubt if she would reconsider plastic surgery to keep her away from the aging. At least sh must have got botox and facelift.

the botox injection could be done by her regularly since several years ago. This procedure could help her to stay away from wrinkles or lines.You can see how well the botox injection protect her forehead. The wrinkles are hard to be found. She looked more youthful than she must be.

Valerie Harper Plastic Surgery

beside that, she also might get facelift as another enhancement. This procedure seems making her facial skin tighter than before. Facelift had become an important thing for anyone who wanted to keep their appearance even though they are getting older, Valerie should have felt the sensation. Her current facial skin looked fresh without saggy skin.

what do you have in mind about her current appearance? did she really need surgery?

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