Tori Spelling Breast Enhancement

Tori Spelling seriously considers getting her breast implants replaced as her marriage to Dean McDermott goes through a crisis. Tori Spelling breast enhancement has been mentioned on celebrity news on more than one occasion, as the 90s stars decided to go ahead with the procedure, but ended up not being satisfied with the result.

On the last episode of True Tori, the celebrity admitted that replacing her breast implants is long overdue, and that she is considering undertaking other plastic surgery procedures as well, in an attempt to salvage her marriage.

During the show’s episode, the couple visited Dr. Ann Wexler, a specialist in marital counseling. During the session, Tori Spelling spoke about the fact that her breast implants were recalled just one year after she got them. That happened 15 years ago, but, from fear of losing her extra bust inches, she did not go along with the doctor’s recommendations and kept the implants in.

This is not the first time Tori Spelling talks about her botched breast implants. The former Beverly Gills 90120 star used to complain to one of her friends what a terrible decision she made when she went for this procedure while still in her 20s.

The result of Tori Spelling breast enhancement is obviously due to a poorly performed procedure. But, since she refused to take the wrong implants out and replace them, this is where she is today. On the show, the doctor touches Tori’s breasts and both comment on how Tori cannot feel anything.Breast enlargement is a quite popular procedure among women of all ages. Tori Spelling, now 41, believes that a new procedure can save her looks and she is not far from the truth. The problem with botched operations is that the implants will never look good, and with age, they can begin to look even more deformed. Even if Tori’s decision comes very late, it is still a good thing that she decided to have them replaced.

Plastic surgeons already have solutions for Tori’s problems. What she needs to do right now is to take the implants out and have them replaced with smaller ones. After that, a lifting procedure will be employed to avoid the sagging look women hate about their breasts.

Further augmentation is possible, but only after Tori lets her body recover for a few months, after she undertakes the procedures mentioned above. So, Tori’s fear that her breasts will look flat and unappealing should be put behind, as modern plastic surgery is a long way from what was performed in the 90s. Even so, there are many stars who had their breasts augmented during the same time, but without the horrendous results Tori is complaining about. It can be said that the celebrity was simply unlucky with her breast enhancement procedure and that she should have replaced her implants a long time ago.

In the meantime, Tori’s marriage seems to go through a rough patch, as her husband, Dean McDermott, also an actor, feels insecure about being less successful than his notorious wife.

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