Top Celebrity Who Have Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

When it comes to plastic surgery gone wrong, there is no shortage of examples. It seems that some people in Hollywood know where to go to look refreshed and just a better version of themselves while others become unrecognizable. Here are some noteworthy cases of plastic surgical procedures gone terribly wrong [source :]

Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery Before & After

Kenny Rogers – When Kenny Rogers first re-emerged on the scene after he had work done to his face, you could almost hear the collective gasp around the world. What did he do to himself and what did he do with the real Kenny?

Jocelyn Wildenstein Plastic Surgery Disaster

Jocelyn Wildenstein – Though her name may not be as familiar as the other celebrities listed in this article, you may have seen Jocelyn on television referred to as “the cat woman.” After augmentation to her lips, breast implants, an eyebrow lift and face lift, she had paid over $4 million to make herself look like a cat.

Lisa Rinna Plastic Surgery Disaster

Lisa Rinna – This soap opera actress has been very vocal about her own botched plastic surgery procedure. Rinna was looking to have full pouty lips, but what she got was a distorted mess. For years, she suffered the effects of this disfigurement, but a few years ago, she was able to find a doctor who corrected this procedure. She currently looks more like her beautiful self again and is happy with the results.

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Mickey Rourke – Once a handsome actor who took our breath away in the movie 9 ½ Weeks, Which he starred in with Kim Bassinger, Rourke isn’t even a glimmer of his former self. What began as an attempt to rectify the damage done to his nose and face, as a result, of his stint as a real life boxer, Rourke went too far, and the reconstruction has left him looking a little scary. Lucky for him his acting abilities have remained the same, and he made a strong comeback in the movie The Wrestler.

Bruce Jenner Bad Plastic Surgery

Bruce Jenner– It’s hard to remember that Bruce Jenner was once an Olympic Gold Medal athlete. The surgical procedures he has had done to his face have ruined his once good looks. With his long hair, sometimes pulled up in a ponytail, he often can be mistaken for an elderly woman. Maybe it was living with all of the ladies in the Kardashian clan that stripped him of any sign of masculinity.

Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery Before & After

Jennifer Grey – While Grey’s nose job was not so much a botched plastic surgery procedure, it made her look so different, and her own agent didn’t know it was her. She admits that she “went into the operating room a celebrity and came out anonymous.” Nobody puts “Baby” in the corner – or anyplace else – for years after that.

Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery Before & After

Joan Rivers – Never one to lie about her plastic surgery procedures, Joan Rivers went in the complete opposite direction – she actually flaunted them. The 79-year old comedian claims to have had over 739 procedures. Sometimes her face looks like it is pulled so tight she must have to sleep with her eyes open.

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