Teresa Giudice Plastic Surgery Before and After

Almost all the Realhousewives members had gone under the knife. Most of them had been revealed. Kim Fields, Nene Leakes, Eva Longoria, etc are listed among the celebrities who went under the knife. Teresa Giudice. 43, is another member who got regular beauty enhancement. Even though she got trouble and was sent to prison, it didn’t stop her activity to beautify her appearance with plastic surgery.

Teresa Giudice Plastic Surgery Before and After

Reported in radar Online, there was a source that told about Teresa Giudice Plastic Surgery. Based on the source, Teresa had spent thousands of dollars to refine her look. She got botox and fillers injection. She also did laser treatment in every seven months. She had spent more 5000 dollars in every three to four months.

You can see the before and after picture. What do you have in mind when seeing Teresa Giudice Plastic surgery result?

The botox and fillers injection had made her face so smooth and flawless.

Teresa Giudice Breast implants

Beside having the regular botox injection and fillers, Teresa had revealed another plastic surgery to enhance her look. Reported by US Magazine, in 2008, Teresa Giudice breast implants made the boobs from A to C. She also explained that the boob job made her even more confident, She appeared sexier with her current boobs.

The result of Teresa Giudice plastic surgery looks fine. She might be pleased with it. And she should be grateful that the surgery didn’t give her bad effect. Bree Walker plastic surgery wrong might be an example of poor plastic surgery.

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