Tatiana Williams plastic surgery?

Transgender woman has underwent over 100 surgeries for having huge butts as Kim Kardashian

Tatiana Williams, now living in Miami, Florida, is a 45-year-old transgender woman. Being born in the shape of a boy named William Cory and started living as a woman when finished the teenager period and after realizing himself in love with a man. Having sex changing surgery, Tatiana has spent nearly $ 100,000 to pump her butt hoping to get the perfect butt so she has undergone about 100 surgeries to get the butt like Kim Kardashian.

It is no coincidence that Williams looked for cosmetic surgery but she is a transsexual and started having surgeries 20 years ago. Since then, she revealed, she did not want to be a normal woman. She even insisted that her body curves are more charm than Kim Kardashian. By Mirror, each buttock of Tatiana, an employee at the nightclub entertainer, was containing about 3.7 kg of silicone and measure up to 152 cm. She said that having pumped silicone butts are not something too hard. ‘I do not remember how many times have I have injected but at least 100 times’, Tatiana said.

To make the big butt dream came true, Tatiana willing to risk her lives to get the current configuration. She worked with three surgeons, but none of them have a license. She also acknowledged the risks of cosmetic surgery on the ‘black market’. She saw her friends were paralyzed forever by unauthorized surgery, but she believed it worthwhile. Doctors assessed that Tatiana William plastic surgery after was in best status, though in the future she may face more health risks. ‘I do not encourage people to imitate me – but I am a risk taker and I succeeded. I do not regret becoming a woman as beautiful as now’.

Tatiana knew very well the risks when used fake beauty treatments products, but she does not regret it. ‘I know many people may lose their lives because of pumping ass like this. I also see many people even cannot walk or move their breasts entirely. Due to the black market price was cheaper so many people ready despite risks to achieve the desired beauty. I am one of the lucky ones and thank God every day for what people gave me’, Tatiana said.

Not only that, she has had the face and breasts surgeries for proportionality. When asked whether the everyday activities difficult or not, she said that she did not have any problems. When sitting down, it was also moving in and it jumps as others butts, too. Tatiana has small physique and enormous buttocks bigger than her body. Now, she owns a freak body with deformed ass due to exceed silicon. But she did not seem happy with the frequent comparisons with rapper Nicki Minaj, who showed off her huge butts in Anaconda album opened up lately. ‘Referring to me and celebrities, many people compared me with Nicki Minaj, this made me laugh because I thought I had big butts before I knew Nicki or even before she was famous. Maybe Nicki’s butts are just like mine’.

The cosmetic surgeon, Constantino Mendieta, was really surprised at Tatiana Williams plastic surgery before and after when Tatiana does not have any problems after silicone injection so many times. He advised people never try to do the same approach to improve body measurements. Although aware of the dangers of plastic surgery in black market, Tatiana never regrets embark on this journey of beauty. She felt she was a luckiest woman who still retains her life.

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