Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery Before and After

January 20, 2017 0

Bruce Jenner could be the most shocking male celebrities who had gone several plastic surgeries. His activity with plastic surgery showed that this procedure doesn’t only attract women for beauty, but also the men. From Read More

Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

January 9, 2017 0

Joan Rivers, 81 is one of the old celebrities who made many people shocked due to her controversial movement. From time to time Joan Rivers got multiple changes. Those things were said as an extreme Read More

Plastic surgery of the hottest basketball WAGs Eliza Dushku

March 2, 2016 0

Eliza Dushku – the beautiful actress who hold the heart of the former NBA basketball star – Rick Fox always make other women envious with her beauty and her sexy body even though she has stepped over the age of 33. However, Eliza Dushku’s youth is due to to plastic surgeries such as nose job, facelift and cheeks implants… Read More

How well Catherine Zeta Plastic Surgery was done?

March 2, 2016 0

Since celebrities’ appearance is important for their job, these stars would like to be always pretty in public. There are many ways to keep gorgeous appearance, and plastic surgery is one of the most preferred by so many celebrities. Read More

Marie Osmond before and after plastic surgery

March 2, 2016 0

In a recent talk show, Marie Osmond has shared some interesting information about the life of her family. On 4th May last year, Marie Osmond – the beautiful artist, who was 52 years old, remarry to her first husband Stephen Craig again in Las Vegas after more than 25 years in breaking up. In a second wedding, she wore her first wedding dress. Marie and Stephen married in 1982 and separated in 1985. She had one son with Craig, and seven children with her second husband, Brian Blosil. The second marriage ended in 2007 after nearly 20 years. Read More

Christina Aguilera before and after plastic surgery

March 2, 2016 0

Christina Maria Aguilera has welcomed her 33rd birthday party on 18th December. Christina is a pop singer, a musician and an American actor. She also referred to as Xtina and Baby Jane. The singer, talented actress Christina Aguilera first appeared on television in 1990 and became a famous star in 1999. Then she rose and dropped her ongoing weight, depending on her schedules and work requirements. Christina Aguilera is believed to have breast implants, rhinoplasty, collagen lip injection and liposuction. Read More

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