Surgeon Creates Formula To Identify Celebrities With Scientifically Perfect Breasts

What do Scarlett Johansson, Megan Fox, Kate Middleton and Katy Perry all have in common? They all have scientifically perfect breasts according to one study conducted by a top plastic surgeon.

The most coveted breast shape shared by these celebrities is being called the “Beckoning Breast”. Considering all 4 of these popular ladies have very different sized breasts, perfection has more to do with shape than anything else.

The most perfect breast proportions can be calculated based on the location of the nipple, with 45% of breast tissue above the nipple meridian and 55% below. In other words, the ideal nipples point skywards at 20 degrees. When breasts meet these criteria they are being called “beckoning breasts.”

Dr. Patrick Malluci from the University College London Hospitals, is the researcher behind this study, as well the man behind the term, beckoning breasts.

To come up with his final results, Malluci asked over 1,300 people to rate their favorite breasts out of 4 different options. The results showed 87% of respondents preferred the 45:55 ratio. Regardless of gender, culture, race, or age people prefer this natural looking shape.

One of the main things women want when getting implants are fuller breasts, but while fullness is important it often leads to surgeons creating what looks like large, hard balls that are anything but natural. Dr. Mallucci says that because of this tendency, plastic surgery has gotten its bad rep for producing fake or unrealistic breasts. While incredibly full breasts look good in clothing, Dr. Malluci says they don’t necessarily look good, or natural, on a naked body.

That doesn’t mean breast implants HAVE to look unnatural, instead if surgeons focused on making the nipple only point up at a 20 degree angle, breast implants would appear more natural and aesthetically pleasing with or without clothes.

Kim Kardashian got women all over the world to imitate her big round booty, but according to Dr. Mallcucci’s study her “top heavy chest” is only the third most popular breast shape.

Britney Spears’ 50:50 breast ratios is ranked as number one by 9% of respondents

Lindsey Lohan’s 55:45 top-heavy breast ratio ranks favorite among 2% of respondents.

And even though Rihanna appears to have nice natural looking breasts, she gets a ratio of 35:65, which ranks favorite among only 2%.

Interestingly, women are more prone to liking unnatural looking breasts, while men prefer a more natural pair.

It’s becoming so common for women to have fake breasts that it’s easy to forget what real breasts even look like. In 2013, 2 million women had a breast augmentation. Yet, thanks to research like this, surgeons may be rethinking the bloated and unnaturally upturned implants that have prevailed for years.

Dr. Malluci is now using the 45:55 model template for his patients’ implants, and he hopes other surgeons do the same.

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