Sunny SNSD Plastic Surgery Before and After

Korean plastic surgery is no longer a new thread that many people discussed. As you know that, many plastic surgery cases in this country are done successfully. The user can get a very good result. One of SNSD (Girl’s Generation) member, Sunny also got some procedures done.

Sunny SNSD Plastic Surgery Before and After

Sunny plastic surgery can’t be denied. er face can explain to us without words. Her face got eyelid surgery and nose job too. Beside this excellent combo, Sunny might get breast implants too. One of chatter noticed that her breast didn’t look the same as she used to have. Was that true?

Double eyelid surgery

This is the most obvious procedure that sunny got. Sunny used to have very narrow eyes. And you can see how beautiful her eyes today. Her eyes looked much bigger than before. In Korea, this procedure has been done by many actresses or singers. Lee Bo Young, Park Min Young, Uee After School, are some name of celebrities who felt better after the double eyelid surgery.

Sunny SNSD Plastic Surgery

Nose Job

Sunny also got her nose done with nose job (rhinoplasty). If you compare between her before and after picture, you will realize it. Her nose looked having narrower shape than before. The nose job was done nicely and match to her face.

Having this Korean plastic surgery combo is no longer new thing. These are common procedures that many Korean people got.  Sunny looked enjoying her new look so much.

Sunny SNSD Breast Implants

How’s the breast implants? you might wonder about it as well. Therefore you can check the before and after picture to see it. In the picture, Sunny’s breast looked bugger and rounder than before (the original shape). that’s why the breast implants might be not just a rumor. However, most of her fans told that its growth effect,

Sunny plastic surgery showed that most of SNSD members had already gone under the knife to enhance their beauty.

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