Shocking celebrity plastic surgery: Donatella Versace

Shocking celebrity plastic surgery photos make fans be unforgetable. Donatella Versace has came over a shocking celebrity plastic surgery.

Shocking celebrity plastic surgery Donatella Versace

Shocking celebrity plastic surgery photos of Donatella Versace show her change through every year. Her natural look has been destroyed completely by plastic surgery. Many people said that she was too fake. She looks like a  muppet versace.

Before the shocking celebrity plastic surgery and the success of Versace label, the fashion designer had her own achievement. Donatella Versace biography show her childhood at Italian city, and her pursue of design following his brother. Her brother Gianni Versace had designed a special perfume line dedicated for her. After Gianni’s murder, she became the head designer of Versace. Her popularity rose throughout the social circles of the celebrities, and she made a name for herself with her signature designs and her real estate ventures.

Looking at her before and after photos, the difference is in the open. Before her plastic surgery, she had such a great appearance that made everyone who came across her, like her from that moment on but now, she is really “a nightmare”. The 57-year-old spoke during Sunday’s Vogue Festival, revealing that it takes a lot of work to get her well-crafted look. Aside from the fact that she can’t remember the last time she wore flats, Donatella admits that it takes more than mother nature to maintain her appearance. Donatella Versace plastic surgery took a toll on her body and appearance, and has a set a clear example how dangerous these plastic surgery procedures are.  This is also a typical shocking celebrity plastic surgery. Check out her photos before and after plastic surgeries:

Donatella Versace has undergone so many cosmetic surgeries that she looks nothing like her former self. Her lips are much plumper and she’s opted for very noticable cheek implants. In addition, the designer’s skin looks waxy, possibly the result of multiple laser treatments.The only thing that’s recognizable about the designer is her perma-tanned skin and white-blonde hair! Donatella Versace is a highly visible fashion figure, but increasingly for all the wrong reasons. If you were to look up “shocking celebrity plastic surgery” lists, you’d find that Donatella Versace appears on quite a few of them.

David Reath MD, a plastic surgeon operating out of Knoxville, Tennessee, suggests that it’s up to responsible physicians to recognize there may be a problem. “Sometimes you start working with someone who is reasonable, and the more you work with them, you begin to realize you will have to extricate yourself.” Unfortunately, some plastic surgeons are far more money-oriented than they are concerned about the welfare of their patients. This lack of ethics is what ultimately leads to tragically disfigured individuals. Donatella Versace plastic surgery was done badly and either the surgeon or her own instincts are to blame for this failed surgical operation.

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