Shocked at Pete Burns plastic surgery before and after

Fans of Pete Burns was recently contemplated the new face of this new rocker when he appeared with his lover at the fashion show by designer Vivienne Westwood. Pete Burns is a former member of the music group Dead and Alive. The band was known for the famous song with beautiful choreography but the group disbanded unexpectedly when at the peak of career. After a long time, Pete Burns surprised the audience attending at London Fashion Week with a golden checked vest and a disfigured face which no one can recognize him in the show and when he appeared in the band before. Pete Burns is now suffering the consequences of the surgery such as rhinoplasty, cheek lift, tattoos, and particularly the swollen thick lips which are abused too much abuse polyacrylamide.

In recent years, Pete Burns rarely appeared in public because of the shyness. However, with the appearance with the rings pierced on the eyebrows, nose and chin, the singer is one of the attention at London Fashion Week. Earlier, Pete Burns has also revealed that in 2006, he spent most of his savings amount to ‘invest’ for the surgery, nearly 18 months consecutive. Pete Burns said: The plastic surgery as well as buying a sofa for the apartment which he is living. But if people have to pick up on the couch to turn a handsome actor into a unisex mutant like this, maybe no one would have thoughts like Pete.

Been ranked in the top 10 artists who are addicted to plastic surgeries by many magazines, Pete Burns plastic surgery after was probably going into the most painful day of his life, with complications on his face now. Makeup and Photoshop images were just in ridiculous level, but in fact, the new appearance of Pete Burns was the most terrible thing. Pete Burns’s inflammatory sequelae lips due to the abuse filler. Moreover, he put a lot of hooks on them to make those much more miserable. The damaged lip made Pete Burns poured most of the money he earned; even sell the house for treatments. This rocker even cannot eat normally; he just can only drink with a straw and staying in the house for 18 months.

This is a rarely case after a long time healing the damage caused by the surgeries. Last year, Pete has won the lawsuit and the doctor Maurizio Viel has given Pete £ 450,000 for failure surgery times from 2000 to 2004. ‘When I look in the mirror I feel that every time I try to make things work and construction have been damaged by Dr. Maurizio. I’m glad the incident ended’ – Pete Burns said after the event ended in September last year – ‘It was a scary experience when you have to live with the trauma and anxiety remains. It ruined my life and my career. When I met several doctors in London and they said that the only way was a surgery to cut out the lips, I was very scared and just thinking about suicide’.

Today, cosmetic surgery has become more popular, some people believe that science increases for human beauty. The basic aim of surgery is to improve a person’s appearance by changing the parts of the body. However, like everything else in life, surgery should proceed at a moderate level, if not, things will become very bad. Reportedly, Pete Burns also has a new music project after a period of absence from the stage and for slipping away from the golden period of 80 years recording the hit song ‘You spin me around’. Just because Pete Burns plastic surgery, the singer Pete Burns was suffered from complications on his face and now, he is regretting for being cutlery.

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