Shay Mitchell ‘s plastic surgery

Shake off the image of tomboy character in ‘Pretty Little Liars’, Shay Mitchell appear extremely feminine and glamorous on the cover of Elle Canada July next edition. Dressing beach suit and other beautiful dresses which are chosen by her own stylish Hayley Atkin selected from many fashion brands such as Zimmerman, Edith A. Miller, Honor, and Just Cavalli, ultra bright Shay posing before the lens of photographer Colette de Barros staying at the Fairmont Miramar, Californium.

She is so beautiful, it can not be negative but just check Shay’s past pictures, she looks nothing like the actress we see on ‘Pretty Little Liars’, there is something different from the actress we saw on it and the beautiful girl on these picture below.

We don’t know anything about her if she had plastic surgery or not, we didn’t hear any information or pictures about it, but the rumors are a lot, are they real or not? Shay Mitchell’s nose is beautiful before, although it had a little crooked, and it gave her the droopy tip … But it’s clear that Shay Mitchell just has a bigger nose and wants it to be smaller. Nothing wrong with admitting to that … ?!

Her choice looks great. Though we didn’t like girls who always blame their nose bump too much, crooked too much, too much big … But whatever she wished ! The nose looks great ! It’s not wide and can’t notice the bump much.

Her original chin seems like something she was born with, just look at her in ‘Pretty Little Liars’, nothing too bad about it. But we don’t know… And seems like an excuse a lot of chin patients use to justify the procedure without just admitting they simply don’t like their chin. And that’s it. Maybe she felt just don’t like her chin anymore.  It’s too long and too sharp and people stare at it a lot. As simple as that.

But after the chin surgery, her chin was fuller, smaller and suited with her face, and of course, made her more attractive and sexy.  What a beautiful chin for her after the surgery ! Well done ! Some surgeries with the doctor was make people terrified because they have never had such an important surgery done, we don’t know if she had this feeling or not, but she looked so excited that she hoped the surgeries would change her life for the better.

After all, there is still just one left thing to say : She probably had breast augmentation and dermal fillers to make her lips look fuller… This was according to a plastic surgeon of course …

we knew it! There is really something odd about her chin and from the nose to her lips … Her breasts are obviously augmented, no one grows such large breasts all of a sudden, even if they gain weight.

We are so happy for her and we understand her so much with the photo thing ! Even if she did get it for cosmetic purposes, it’s her face and her business. People have no room to talk. As long as she is happy with it that’s all that matters. You looked beautiful before and you do now, Shay!

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