Robert Downey Jr Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor?

The Iron-Man star, Robert Downey Jr is not young anymore. He has been 50 years old. but his appearance still looks fresh and great. Did he get beauty enhancement to make hs appearance better? The speculation about Robert Downey Jr plastic surgery has become nice topic for years. He has been rumored having some procedures in 2008. The people felt curious with the way he keep his youthful look. That’s why they assumed if Mr. Downey got surgery like many other celebrities. Could it be?

Robert Downey Jr Plastic Surgery News 2008

Makemeheal in the same year reported that Robert Downey may have minor work through the beauty enhancement. There was no sign of major procedure on his face. Those possible procedures included the laser treatment and chemical peel. These procedures could be the main reason why he got smooth skin. You can take a look how fresh his facial skin at that time. It looks so smooth and wrinkle-less. In the other hand, a popular plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn got the same opinion about it. Dr. Youn explained that he noticed the work of chemical peel and laser treatment, but he didn’t see another work.

Robert Downey Jr Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

The super hero looks benefited through the procedure he got. How is he now? It has been 7 years after the news. Does he get some other woks done? Considering from his appearance and the age, it seems he might go further enhancement. He possibly got the botox injection in handling the wrinkles on his forehead. But it was still unproven. His fac looks aging naturally. If only he got botox, we should appreciate it. Not all the celebrities got successful botox injection. If not, he might keep his way through the chemical peel and laser treatment.

What do you think of Robert Downey jr Plastic surgery? Do you agree with Dr. Youn? Leave your comment then.

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