Robert De Niro Plastic Surgery Rumor

Who doesn’t know Robert De Niro? He is one of legends in Hollywood. He had starred various titles of movies. And he will appear in the latest movie, Dirty Grandpa. He played alongside young star, Zac Efron (Read more about Zac Efron plastic surgery)

Robert De Niro Plastic Surgery Rumor

Talking about his appearance, Robert De Niro is known for his natural look. Robert De Niro plastic surgery speculation is not true. He had already share his thought about plastic surgery few years ago. He stated that getting older in natural way was great. The people need to embrace it, because they can’t avoid it.

From his statement, Robert De Niro briefly denied plastic surgery. He didn’t think that plastic surgery was a good problem solver.

What did the experts said about Robert De Niro plastic surgery speculation?

Robert De Niro Plastic Surgery Speculation

Reported in makemeheal in 2010, Dr. Nassif did agree that Robert De Niro had no plastic surgery yet. His natural appearance looks fine.

In the other hand, Dr. Michel Salzhauer, noticed that Robert maight have a litle botox injection and fillers injection on his face. The botox might be done to control the wrinkles.

Some people believed that the Godfather star didn’t do anything. He is aging well without doctor’s help. You may see how she looks like now. Do you think that he did some procedures s far?

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