Renee Talley plastic surgery before and after

Renee Talley, 45 years old, is a former stripper and an owner of a VIP nightclub in Las Vegas. After Renee Talley plastic surgery has been suffering the consequences of buttock implant surgery. For having seductive butt, this woman had received disastrous consequences. However, after passing the danger, Renee Talley’s body has returned to normal but she still keeps two pieces of padded butt to remind herself to love her body more. Renee Talley has had buttock implants, breasts implants and Botox injections.

Renee said that she decided to have butt surgery because she thought she will become the sexiest woman of Las Vegas. However, surgery almost ruined her body and her life. She said: ‘I felt like I was dying. I could not breathe. I was bedridden for 4 months and could not stand up. My butt filled with liquid and I think it will explode’. Reportedly, the clip of Renee’s buttock implants on Youtube has garnered over 1 million views of netizens in a short time.

The nightmare of Renee Talley plastic surgery started over 3 years ago when she was pumped black silicone into her butt. ‘Doing this makes my butt become grainy. Then I decided to have butt implants to remove silicone and make my butt rounder. Doctors initially disagreed but eventually I was allowed to be performed transplants. I did not expect the consequences’, Renee Talley revealed. Renee luckily to be alive after transplant but currently her buttocks of this woman are becoming deformed.

Following that, recently, Renee Talley has made ​​people surprise when suddenly appearing with huge breasts and stiff face. Comparing Renee Talley plastic surgery before and after, it can be seen that Renee Talley’s forehead is free-wrinkle and she felt very difficult to express her feelings. Smiling is hard because her muscles seem very stiff. The big and unnatural breasts were very hard and being polished. It is obvious that Renee has had Botox injections and breast implants.

The cost of surgery is $ 200,000 and Renee is preparing procedures to sue the surgeons. This woman said: ‘I do not want to be like Kim Kardashian, I want the perfect body in my way. But there is one mistake. I still keep 2 pieces of implant which was implanted into my buttocks as a reminder to myself that we have learned to love our body’, Renee Talley said bitterly.

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