Penny Brown plastic surgery

Penny Brown – The Jessica Rabbit Girl

Miss Penny Brown (25 years old), an Australian, currently living on a small island in Okinawa, Japan. In her memory, Penny loved Jessica Rabbit – a cartoon character has a sexy body with huge breasts. Penny Brown had breast augmentation surgery 2 times and also wearing a corset every day for sexy body like cartoon character Jessica Rabbit. In addition, people believed that Penny has done nose job and chin implants, however this is still a rumor.

Ever since then, Penny has done everything possible to have sexy body like Jessica Rabbit. From May 2012, Penny was wearing a corset every day to squeeze the waistline. Wearing corset made Penny felt very hard when sitting, lying, bending down or eating while driving is inconvenient. However, Penny still did that to reduce waists from 96.5 cm to 58 cm.

In 2012, Penny had breast augmentation surgery from size 34H to 36J. However, she still felt her breasts are too small. A year later, she continued to improve her boob bigger.  After Penny Brown plastic surgery, currently, Penny owns a 66 cm waist and 139.7 cm breasts. Even so, she still wants to have breast augmentation surgery to double in size. Penny said: “I always wanted to have big boobs, small waist and big hips. I love my physique but I still want to lift the breasts up to size as possible”.

The fame led to many other Penny Brown plastic surgery. Images of Penny Brown plastic surgery before and after have changed. Penny Brown plastic surgery after becomes younger, prettier. The V-line chin is quite clear. But it may be due to the weight loss or the cosmetic surgery. Perhaps because of the pressure so Penny did not answer to the media any information about her plastic surgery rumors are true or not. However, Penny Brown’s nose and chin are different from her earlier demonstrates.

Jessica Rabbit appearance made Penny felt more confident. Each time when going out, Penny has a lot of fans who want to take pictures with. Cooper, husband of Penny, is supported her. Cooper said: ‘Penny increasingly looked like Jessica Rabbit. I find her appearance is now very attractive. I do not like anything too ordinary’.

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