Patricia Arquette Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

Patricia Arquette, 46, got a very beautiful night after the Oscar 2015 announcement. She had won the best supporting actress award. She had played a role in “Boyhood” (2014) brilliantly. When she was being interviewed about her great achievement. She told that she was so thankful for aging gracefully.

Patricia Arquette Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

For many women in Hollywood, plastic surgery had become an important thing. Some of them even believed that they need to stay fresh and youthful to keep on their track (career). That’s why there are many old celebrities who went under the knife and hope for its magic.

Patricia Arquette plastic surgery might be just a rumor. Many people feel impressed with her. She looked aging well without any surgery done. Moreover she still got an honorable award by getting an Oscar. It proved that there are still many ways to get successful thing, despite aging. A source quoted from, told that Patricia had not touched any surgery work during 12 years of the film project.  It was  thing that not all women in Hollywood can do. She deserved to get the award.

Patricia Arquette Plastic Surgery Rumor

the rumor about Patricia Arquette plastic surgery is actually no longer new report. It has been discussed in some forums few years ago. A plastic surgeon even shared the comment about this. Reported by makemeheal, Dr. Michael Salzhauer ever told that Patricia might get botox injection to keep her face smooth.

What do you have in mind with her excellent look?

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