Obsession of plastic surgery addiction Alicia Douvall

I’m sure that all the people who interested in plastic surgery have known the model Alicia Douvall. The former glamour model revealed that she was an addict to artificial beauty methods. She admitted that she  has spent over £1.2million for over 350 cosmetic procedures.


Alicia Douvall had the first operation when she was very young. For the first time of undergoing knife, she was so satisfied with the result. She looked so attractive and pretty. But now, after credible number of over 350 procedures, she has felt regret and unhappy for those things she had done with her body. As a result of these, she was so upset when she couldn’t even smile when baby Papaya was born because of plastic surgery. It’s the most the obsession of the model.

Alicia has now been pregnant of the second baby and kicked plastic surgery.
In an interview with The Sun, she herself admitted that she has ruined her life “What I have done breaks my heart. Imagine holding your baby daughter for the first time and not being able to smile. I have been so selfish. Now my dream is for Papaya one day to see her mummy smile back at her for the first time.”

It’s such a simple wish to everybody, however, it’s too difficult for the 34-year-old mother to do with her baby.

Recently, Alicia Douvall decided to visit a surgeon on a bid to undo some of the things she had done.  She had had all her facial implants removed.

She also has warned others against addiction of plastic surgery as her had ever.

In the past, the model has spent a lot of money for numerous procedures from her face, cheek implants, face lifts, brow lifts, boobs, butt to her toes….

“I’ve had so many operations I can’t feel my stomach, left breast, or anything under my right arm…I needed to stop. It was destroying my life and could have killed me. I finally feel I’ve got my obsession under control and I’m living a healthy life. People will think I’m mad for doing all that surgery over the years and I probably was – but addiction is an illness. It’s such a shame what I’ve done to myself.”

In the past, Alicia looked so beautiful with some of procedures but she didn’t know the stop and herself ruined her images.
We can’t imagine number of plastic surgery which Alicia had undergone. But she felt it was not enough, thus when surgeons in the UK refused to perform surgery, Douvall travelled the world to find plastic surgeons accept to do on her.

“I have lost my looks and my life has been ruined. I did the most terrible things to try to be perfect and was blinded by what surgeons were telling me”.

 The result of all her trying and addiction
Saying about the reason she began having comestic procedures when she at such a young age, she explained: “I was brought up believing I was unfortunate looking and I didn’t have the confidence, I didn’t feel good about myself, and I saw surgery as the answer to everything’’.

She herself found that she was so mad when thought that was the best way to make her happy, and turn her from an average girl who’s not much of an achiever to a successful blonde supermodel.

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