Oaps, the reveal of Simon Cowell about his plastic surgery

Nowadays, the demand of bettering appearance has been not only for women, but also for men. The trend of favorite of plastic surgery has especially been common in celebrities circle. And we haven’t need to too amazed or even shocked at these kinds of rumors about famous men. Because everybody want to more and more perfect in the others’s eyes.

For this recently time, people started talking about the news of Simon Cowell plastic surgery, a judge in extremely popular TV show “Britain’s Got Talent” and the “X Factor” boss.

These rumors about him started when people have noticed that Simon’s face has looked unnatural on certain days. His smile has looked as well as his before. In addition, the “X Factor” boss’s face has looked much more smoothy and wrinkle-less. Many There wer people think that it’s unnormal to the aging of human, especially at his over 50 age.

His appearance has been seen that possibly having had facial fillers, a facelift, Botox or other filler injections. In comparisons with the photo posted before and after, it’s not so difficult for us to realize the differences on his face. His skin has been more smooth and fresh, the cheeks has been more fuller. Could you believe that he didn’t have some Botox injections?

In an interview, when was asked about the rumors of plastic surgery, Simon Cowell didn’t hide the truth and has confessed that he has been using regularly Botox injections. Even, he uses Botox for brushing his teeth. Simon doesn’t regard Botox injections as a plastic surgery and he doesn’t need to feel ashamed about that. He confessed his interest in Botox and sometimes used it as gifts for his friends. However, he denied for the other possible plastic surgeries.

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