Nicki Minaj plastic surgery before and after

Nicki Minaj with the breast lift and buttock plastic surgery

The beautiful female rapper Nicki Minaj was very famous not only for a series of Grammy nominations but also known by the ‘freak’ body with oversized breasts and buttocks which are believed Nicki Minaj plastic surgery. Following were the doll-style eyes and nose. The beautiful 33-year-old was rumored to have secretly done many cosmetic surgeries to renovations beauty. Although Nicki Minaj repeatedly denied having fixing the body, but according to cosmetic surgery experts, Nicki Minaj had to pay at least $ 11,000 for the nose surgery, padded butt and skin lightening.

Nicki Minaj has spent this money for three different surgeries to create a new appearance. The cheapest surgery was the skin whitening. In particular, she spent five thousand dollars for injecting silicon into her butts. Everyone saw this apparent change of Nicki Nicki but herself. She never once admitted that she had used the knife to upgrade the curves of the body. However, recently, the previous pictures of Nicki with her first steps into showbiz were discovered by netizens. The public was shocked by Nicki Minaj plastic surgery before and after and the dizzying changes in the body as well as her face about 10 years ago, when Nicki was tried with music and had no success.

In 2006, Nicki Minaj looked quite rustic. She has the flat body, different from the present. Without a radiant smile and the Chinese tattooed on her arm, no one could recognize her. The appearance of Indo-Latin American girl was nothing striking and attractive. After formally entered the music field in 2007, Nicki started changing her appearance. In addition to musical works, Nicki Minaj is also known for showing off her body too much, especially the plump breasts than the introduction of music. Once she used the hand or the hair covering her breasts, the others one use star or leopard stickers…

In 2009, her butts were blossomed and her curves were increasingly hotter thanks to the intervention of plastic surgery. However, female rapper never confirmed the story about cosmetic surgery. Her buttocks are not only caused attractions by the huge sizes but thanks to a small waist that the butts of Nicki becoming more prominent. With the ‘hourglass’ body, the butts are much more ‘expensive’. It is hard to deny that beside the artistic talent, fiery ass were also very important to help celebrities enhance beauty and attraction from the audience.

Buttocks with measurement of 115cm of  Nicki Minaj often rumored were done by cosmetic surgery. But black singer showed no interest and said: ‘I am not interested in the questions raised, much less attention to the suspect. All of them have no effect on me. I do not have much time to pay attention to such gossips. People are gossiping, talking about Nicki Minaj plastic surgery but it is their rights…’ Nicki Minaj is rumored to be surgical remodeling the butts, but in an interview, she did not comment anything about this information but only refers to the face.

Recently when interviewed on American television, the star has denied beauty with knife on her face. She said: ‘I have never done any cosmetic surgery on the face, people saw different images just because the technology makeup and hair dye. Every time they see me with a quite-straight nose, then they’re rumored I had a new nose by surgery while it is just because the makeup techniques…’. The advertising face of the popular brands lipstick MAC has also shared her makeup was softer and less colorful than before. ‘There are days I look diffusion, you will not want to see me then, I will just wear clothes at home, turban and slippers only…’, Nicki share .

What do you think about the Nicki Minaj plastic surgery above? Do you believe that those photos are from a same person or not? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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