Nene Leakes plastic surgery before and after

Nene Leakes is the star of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’. Earning $ 750,000 per episode, Nene Leakes was the one who earned the most money in the program Housewives. In addition, she has substantial income from her show ‘The New Normal’ and she felt extremely proud of the perfection of her body when she turned into 45 years old. Also, she does not hesitate to share some ‘secrets’ to get this confidence; it is always live healthy and boldly renovated ‘a few minor points’ on your body. Therefore, she has done a nose job and breast reduction surgery.

Nene Leakes recently shared with The YBF website about her plastic surgery. With a star like Nene Leakes, money is not a matter and you can buy beauty with money. In 2011, Nene Leakes was spotted relaxing on a beach in Miami. Appeared in neon green bikini and wore a white baseball hat, Nene Leakes really stand out, but not in a way that Nene Leakes wants. Shortly thereafter on some beauty magazines, pictures of Nene Leakes appeared with a lot of inelegant comments. All her defects were obtrusive, especially the enormous waist. After that, Nene Leakes determined abdominal liposuction surgery. Now down to a size 8-10, Nene Leakes maintains her physique by cutting back on carbs and cocktails and a regular of fitness.

As a black woman, Nene Leakes possesses distinct characteristics as a brown skin, big butt and huge boobs. Previously, breasts before Nene Leakes plastic surgery are quite big so they were saggy, of course. But instead of proud to have big boobs, Nene Leakes felt quite upset that she made reduction surgery from size DDs to size Ds and breast lift at the same time. Nene Leakes plastic surgery owns small breasts and waist liposuction which help Nene Leakers’ body looked much neater. In an episode of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’, Leakes has brought the camera into the doctor’s office when she is having her breasts surgery and nose repaired. ‘I want to reduce my breast size. I want them a little smaller than and not as heavy as now’, she said.

During the period of filming ‘The real Housewives of Atlanta’, Nene Leakes was very sad and disappointed because her big nose. Especially the nostrils which bothered her for years, were too high and Nene Leakes has rebuilt the structure of the nose bow to slimmer. She said: ‘As long as the body was not too rigid, a little change will give you a perfect look’.

Nene Leakes has no ambition to change into a hot chick. She still wants to be a traditional black girl but having some changes to become more beautiful than the original. That’s why her surgeries were not abused as too much liposuction or a nose job was fixed too small. Nene Leakes plastic surgery before and after, fans also will not recognize the modification of Nene Leakes but better things.

Plastic surgery is actually not a bad thing if celebrities know how to apply in proper and wise ways. Abdominal liposuction and rhinoplasty helped Nene Leakes younger and more attractive. What would you do if you were her? Please let us know. < Linnethia Monique “NeNe” Leakes (born December 13, 1967) is an American actress, television personality, producer, author and fashion designer. She is best known for being on the reality television series The Real Housewives of Atlanta, which documents the lives of several women residing in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2013, she was commissioned to star in the spin-off series I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding, which focused on the preparations for her remarriage to husband Gregg Leakes. Leakes portrayed the recurring character Roz Washington on the sitcom Glee since its third season in 2012, and has also played Rocky Rhoades on the award-winning sitcom The New Normal until its cancellation in 2013. Leakes appeared as a contestant on The Celebrity Apprentice 4, where she finished in seventh place in 2011, and the eighteenth season of Dancing with the Stars. It was also announced that Leakes would be joining the cast of Cinderella on Broadway from November 25th, 2014.

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