More Beautiful Alexa Ray Joel with Nose Job

According to UK Medix Surgery Info reports, singer/songwriter Alexa Ray Joel has been undergone a nose job in a New York Hospital.

People may know her better as Christie Brinkley’s daughter and music legend Billy Joel; however, she has actually made her mark on the entertainment business.

It’s said that Alexa had a nose job to look more like her mum, rather than her dad Billy Joel. Her nose changed slightly and made her more beautiful.

Alexa Ray Joel had plastic surgery with her mom. This reminds us of the plastic surgery boom in 2005 when husbands and wives, parents and siblings, boy-and-girl friends and others experienced surgery together.

Many people realize that Alexa has got her mother’s beauty along with all music talent of Billy Joel. So, why did she have to go under the knife? To explain for her plastic surgery, Alexa spoke out to People Magazine:

“I was thinking about this for nose always bothered me a little bit. I was self-conscious of pictures taken from the side. To some people that’s vain, but at the end of the day, we all want to feel pretty.”


The star said that she couldn’t be happier with her new nose. She has no plans to do a “Heidi Montag”. She thought it was good to wait forthe procedure done:

“Would it have been smart to get this procedure last year? No. I didn’t know who I was. [But now] I feel really good.”

Alexa is not the only one who has wished to have a nose job. This procedure is one of the most common plastic surgery in the US, especially in New York, which is usually undergone by the experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Leonard Grossman. Several celebrities have had their nose done by Dr. Grossman.

As the doctor said, rhinoplasty surgery can make a difference in appearance. The nose is the central feature on the face. Those who possess a crooked, asymmetrical or disproportionate nose can feel insecure about themselves. This surgical procedure can correct nose’s shape and size and enhance the balance as well as harmony of the face, then actually, it can make people more confident in their lives.

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