Michael Keaton Plastic Surgery Before and After

Michael Keaton is a popular American actor. He had already spent more than 3 decades in celebrity world. Mr. Keaton was mostly popular for his role as Batman (1980s). George Clooney is also a  former  actor who took a role as Batman. Ben Affleck was the latest confirmed actor as new batman in 2016.In the end of 2014, he became the star for his movie “Birdman”.

Michael Keaton Plastic Surgery

Michael Keaton has been 61 years old. Despite his age was no longer young, his appearance still looked strong and fresh.That’s why plastic surgery help might be behind his young look.

Was Michael Keaton plastic surgery true?

You might feel curious about how he could maintain his youthful appearance so far. We believed that he got surgery done like facelift and botox injection. Because those two surgeries are so popular and had already become a good combination chosen by the old celebrities.

if you take a look at his current appearance, you might think that the facelift and the botox injection are quite reasonable. He got a very smooth look. And he also didn’t have any sagging skin appeared on his face. His facial skin looked tight and fresh. if only you see him for the first time today, you might make a mistake after guessing his age. His appearance looked 15 years younger. The botox might have made his face free from wrinkles, while the facelift had tightened his facial skin nicely.

Michael Keaton Plastic Surgery Before and After

For a 60s man, Michael Keaton looked so good. If only this speculation was true, he might be so relieved that the surgery didn’t end like many other popular people who got an overdone work like David Cassidy or Axl rose. For the female actress, you should know well about Marlo Thomas, who got an overdone work through the same procedure.

It’s unfortunate that Michael Keaton decided to ignore the rumor about him and the plastic surgery. hat do you think of his look? Did Michael Keaton do plastic surgery so far?

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