Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before and After

The Late Michael Jackson was very popular.All his song had become favorite for many people not only in America, but also around the world. there’s no doubt if he was called a The king of Pop.

Besides his dance and son that were very interesting. Mike also has a story about him and the plastic surgery activity when he was alive.

Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery

the change of his appearance was seen very clearly. The first change was seen from the skin color. As an African-American man, Michael Jackson actually got black skin. And in the few years after her name raised up as popular singer, he reappeared with a brighter skin.Some experts and chatters claimed that The change of his skin color might be caused by skin bleaching. Unfortunately the change of the color made him looked so unnatural. Some opinion asked if it was a mistake created by the doctor or not.

the nose job was also done by Michael Jackson, It was done due to in 1979, he accidentally fall and broke his nose.this case forced him to do a more intensive work. He then decided to go under a rhinoplasty to fix it.

Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before and After

in 2000s Jacko looked having dramatic weight loss, he looked so thin seen from before and after pictures above. From his appearance,the people also noticed of the fillers injection usage. This procedure might build up some parts of his face to look fresh. However his face became worse and far from the expectation.

Another opinion also stated that the weight loss on his body might also be caused by stress and the drugs (painful killers and sedatives) consumption.

Even though he ever got very sad moments, But Jackson is still loved by a lot of people till now and may be in the future too. He was one of the greatest singers ever existed in this era.

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