Michael Douglas Plastic Surgery Before and After

He is a veteran actor and also Catherine Zeta Jones‘ husband. Even though he has been 70 years old, but his appearance is still youthful. This even made a lot of people questioning about how he maintain his youthful and rejuvenated face. The plastic surgery is the main thing that have potency to save him from the aging. By seeing his look today, he might go under facelift and botox injection.

Michael Douglas Plastic Surgery

Botox and facelift are the most favorite combination of surgery to fight the aging. many old celebrities had already gone under these procedures. Some of them got the best look and made their self younger than the age. But some others got disaster.

Michael Douglas’ youthful look was possibly done with both botox and facelift. The facelift procedure had tightened his facial skin. It keep the face away from sagging skin and keep the skin tight. Fortunately, the facelift was done nicely and not overdone. However, tight skin in the age of 70 looked too unnatural.

Michael Douglas Plastic Surgery Before and After

Beside that, the botox injection also got important role. His forehead area got no wrinkles left. The botox had already covered his face. It now looked so smooth, flawless and fresh.
A plastic surgeon, Dr. Toby Meyer from California also commented on Michael’s new look. He believed that Michael Douglas had already gone under the knife and made himself better.

What do you think of Michael? Does he really need plastic surgery? Share your opinion then.

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