Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Before and After

Who doesn’t know this attractive actress, Megan Fox. Megan is best known for her role in cool movie, Transformer. She played alongside Shia LaBeouf. She now looked so different. Many people assumed that the 28 years old actress had gone under multiple surgeries to enhance her look.

The news about Megan Fox’ changes has been discussed few years ago. Recently, a plastic surgeon, Dr. Matthew Schulman exclusively shared his opinion to Radar about Megan Fox plastic surgery news. He told that Megan had got different looked after having some procedures, including a nose job and fillers injection too.

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Before and After

Megan Fox Nose Job

the sign of nose job (rhinoplasty) was seen obviously from her face. Previously, Megan used to have wider nose with bigger tip. Dr. Matthew saw that the nasal area had been reconstructed. Moreover the surface of her new nose looked smooth and straighter too. This is an obvious work of a nose job.

Fillers injection

Beside changing the shape of the nose, Megan also might use fillers injections. This is the main reason why some parts of her face looked fuller. You might realize the parts of her face that got filers injection. Those are the cheek and the lips. Her current lips looked much fuller than she used to have. She might want to have sexier lips in order to make her face prettier.  While, the shape of the cheek made her face looked a bit different. Her cheek looked fuller and higher. As Dr.Matthew said, it was the juvederm or restylane that made the areas (cheek and lips) fuller.

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery

Some medias doesn’t only report about the filler and nose job. It seems, the Lady who took a role as April O’Neil in TMNT got breast implants and botox injection too. In the picture, You can see the change of her breast size. Megan had gone under a breast enhancement.  Her breast had turned bigger than before. While, the botox injection was the reason why she got a very smooth forehead. Unfortunately, it appeared a bit frozen. She got a bit unnatural look.

What do you think of Megan Fox Plastic Surgery? Did she really need them?

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