Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Disaster

Meg Ryan – an unsuccessful one of Plastic surgery

In 2011, Meg Ryan turn 50 and she seems nearly unrecognizable after going through many times of plastic surgery. Getting fame in 1989 when playing excellently the leading role in the film When Harry met Sally, she became a shining face for film directors to choose. And that is the reason of many good romantic – comedy films later such as Sleepless in Seattle, French kiss, Addicted love, City of Angels, etc. She was definitely one of the most beautiful actresses with innocent face, nice smile and charming looks in Hollywood.

Although owning a perfect beauty, Meg wanted to be better and she got on well with plastic surgery.

Easily to realize on the before and after picture above that she had lip implants. Some experts said that she used Goretex technique – a method of enhancing lip muscles. Moreover, her cheek liked a modified cheek. Maybe, she got volumetric facelift. Her face had not kept the natural beauty as once.

In addition, to hiding the age signs, she still had undergone neck-lift and forehead procedures. So that, her skin face seemed not to be sagged.

Her brows were pulled wider to stretch her eyes to look small and long. And her entire face shows that lots of Botox might be used. In comparison with her nice looking in the left photo below, its right one is so bad. She liked a very old lady as her age.


Looking back changes on her face from year to year, it is visible to see that she has let plastic surgery remove natural beauties she once owned. Now she is not only old because of her age but also partly ugly than what time can change on her face. 

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