Marie Osmond before and after plastic surgery

In a recent talk show, Marie Osmond has shared some interesting information about the life of her family. On 4th May last year, Marie Osmond – the beautiful artist, who was 52 years old, remarry to her first husband Stephen Craig again in Las Vegas after more than 25 years in breaking up. In a second wedding, she wore her first wedding dress. Marie and Stephen married in 1982 and separated in 1985. She had one son with Craig, and seven children with her second husband, Brian Blosil. The second marriage ended in 2007 after nearly 20 years.

If you intend to have “cutlery” in the future, it is important that you should really understand about cosmetic surgery. Each year, more and more celebrities decided to revise their beauty to solve “problems” for themselves and also aims to become more beautiful in the eyes of fans. However, some cases of cosmetic surgery for the conflicting results and only give rise for more problems. As for Marie Osmond, though never denied or confirmed traces of “cutlery” on the face or on her body. But when comparing the before and after pictures, you can see the hands of aesthetic physicians.

Osmond is estimated to have had botox injections in her face. Generally speaking, in facial, muscle groups, such as the forehead, eyebrows, eyes … involved in the process which is creating feelings when you laugh, smile, sad or cry … Botox itself is not stiffness, but is the surgeon did not properly apply easily cause complications. And Marie Osmond are suffering the consequences of the abuse of botox, her face is so stiff, she cannot smile like before the plastic surgery rumors and the worst thing is about unable to express emotions.

Her face is smooth without wrinkle, a sign of botox injections and facelift. However, plumper skin revealed more about her high cheekbones which is not suitable with her face then and now.

Botox itself contains no substance, but we believed that Marie Osmond does not give up because of her sentiment. When botox injections, her face became young and we cannot see wrinkles anymore, make her feels happy and depends gradually because everyone wants their beautiful forever. The dependence leads to too frequent use, making the change of faces as in the case of Marie Osmond. Anyway, she was 52 years old and she wants to maintain such the beauty like her before so botox is the number one choice to “upgrade” the face – the beauty and the youth. Not only the face was stiff but also presence of swelling, the skin seems to be stretched, shiny, the previously elegance was lost. Go with that is shy smiles is which are arrogant and not natural.

The main reason why people choose plastic surgery because they are not satisfied with their appearance, this makes them unhappy in many other areas of life. These plastic surgery advertisements are often promised that editing beauty will change your life, bring the “perfect” appearances after the operations. However, people should understand that cosmetic surgery is not the answer to improve the appearance. Beauty is from within each person.

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