Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery Before and After

It’s not too surprising to know that many people took race to get their appearance better and better. Some of the m spent their money to buy a lot of stuffs, and some others played with some plastic surgery to get the best look. In America. this thing is not rare anymore. It even appeared as a high trend. Especially for among the celebrities.

Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery Before and After

Maria Shriver, 59, is a one of old popular person who went under the knife and tried to stay younger. And this news had made lot of people surprised. You might know that Maria Shriver is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s wife.

Like a magic, the plastic surgery had refreshed her appearance to be younger than her own age. By comparing the before and after pictures, it seems she got facelift and botox injection as well.

the botox injection

you can take a look at the forehead area. You might wondered what things happen to her forehead. It appeared smoothly without any wrinkles or lines left. There’s no way if she took natural treatment. And amount of botox should have been injected in it.

Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery

The facelift

this procedure was said by the people as a good pair for botox injection. Whenever the people want to be more youthful, they sometimes combined these two things. The botox work on the upper face. Beside that, the facelift could help the user to tighten their sagging skin. if you see Maria today, she looked having a very tight facial skin. It looked so unnatural for a common woman in the same age.

Talking about her current appearance, Mari Shriver looked great. Even though she ignored the plastic surgery speculations. We guessed it’s enough for the people to understand what she got to feel fresh and young though.

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