Maria Gabriela Isler plastic surgery

Miss Universe 2013 is suspected to have plastic surgeryOvercoming 85 prominent faces of many countries, representative for the ‘beauty superpower’ Venezuela, Maria Gabriela Isler won the highest prize Miss Universe in 2013. However, so far, Maria Gabriela Isler is suspected to have plastic surgery. Maria Gabriela Isler plastic surgery sticked with nose job and the smile lipt surgery (lip + lift). Currently, this beauty has not have any comment on this issue yet.

Born on 21 April, 1988, this Venezuela beauty impresses people by a height of 1.81 meters. Attractive appearance and good communication skills helped this girl surpassed 85 other competitors from all over the world to win the contest. Besides, Gabriela comes from Venezuela, where having more many girls crowned beauty contests than any other country (7 Miss Universe and 6 Miss World). She currently is a famous model in Venezuela.

As usual, after winning the crown, the new Miss has special attentions and Maria is no exception. Maria Gabriela Isler’s images before are immediately search by the netizens. Many her old photos being “unearthed”. Since then, the question arises: this beauty has had a nose surgery to enhance her beauty? Many people put out this possibility when reviewing Maria Gabriela Isler photos before and after. It became the hot topic when it was realized her new nose is higher and slimmer than before. In the photos she took with her boyfriend, Maria has made ​​clear her changes. While her boyfriend is still hold the same appearance then Maria did change very well.

When she was a teenager, Gabriela still looks very beautiful and radiant, but people believe that Maria Gabriela Isler before plastic surgery, her nose is not straight and slim as it is now. I must say that the tip of the nose was a bit big and clunky. It is regarded that Maria Gabriela Isler after plastic surgery, her face is now sharper and her lips are thinner. Gabriela has a convinced win by such good shape, her charm face and bright personality, professional presentation style and ability to have intelligent behaviors.

Maria’s mouth is slightly small and the lips are a little thick to make a smile is not pretty. But after crowned Miss Universe in 2013, she made ​​everyone impressed by the shine and radiance smile. The lips are not as thick as before. The length of the lips is also enhanced. It is believed that Maria had smile lipt or being called ‘Joker surgery’.

Maria Gabriela Isler did not give any feedback nor speak up about rumors of plastic surgery. Before her rumors, there are quite a lot of pretty people suspected have surgical problems such as the Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza, Miss Universe 2001 who won the 3rd runner-up Eva Ekvall or Honey Lee, Miss Korea 2006 and Miss Universe third runner-up in 2007. However, the fact that she has ‘cutlery’ or not did not affect her Universe crown, which she owns, because this contest allows contestants remodeled beauty. And in Venezuela, when a girl go to the beauty salon or having a plastic surgery before participating in a beauty contest is completely normal.

Therefore, Venezuela is proud to hold the throne powers the world’s largest beauty. After hearing the news that Maria Grabriel Isler crowned Miss Universe 2013, Nicolas Maduro the President has sent her congratulations on Twitter. He said: ‘Congratulations to Maria Gabriela Isler for her victory, there is also victory for Venezuela! No doubt that we have the most beautiful women on the planet. But nothing is perfect. We also have the most corrupt and brazen officials in the world’.

María Gabriela de Jesús Isler Morales (born March 21, 1988 in Valencia, Carabobo) is a Venezuelan fashion model and Beauty Queen who was crowned Miss Venezuela 2012. Isler was crowned Miss Universe 2013 on November 9, 2013 in Moscow, Russia; she is the seventh Miss Universe from Venezuela and the third Miss Universe from Venezuela in six years.

Isler was born in the city of Valencia, but has studied and lived in Maracay since she was a little girl. She holds a BA in Management and Marketing. She has Swiss and German descent and also holds Swiss citizenship due to her Swiss grandfather from Lausanne. At age of 14 she started modeling as a way to cheer her mother and grandmother up after her aunt died.

She has been in a relationship with Alberto Figueroa for two and a half years.

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