Male celebrity plastic surgery: Simon Cowell

Male celebrity plastic surgery is not unique in Holywood today. There are a lot of sucessful male celebrity plastic surgeries but sometimes, bad accident regretfully. Simon Cowell is one of the male had gone under the knife. Now, check out the male celebrity plastic surgery.

Simon Cowell is quite well-known and has fans all over world but in case you haven’t heard about him note that Simon Cowell is an English reality TV celebrity, music and TV producer and talent scout. He shot to fame in the US and also in the UK after his role as a talent judge on TV shows such as Pop Idol, The X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and American Idol.

Male celebrity plastic surgery: Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell is now well in his 50s and thus speculation of him having undergone few plastic surgery procedures was bound to arise at some point. So the question whether Simon Cowell has undergone plastic surgery procedures or not?

The male celebrity plastic surgery rumors

It is really not so hard to see the difference on Simon’s face and to notice that there have been some changes. As soon as you look at Simon Cowell plastic surgery before and after photos, you will be completely sure that he had some work done. As many other celebrities, even he was not able to resist to try some new things out in order to boost his appearance. There were a lot of gossips about possible procedures he probably had such as: Botox injections, face lift procedures.

Louis Walsh claimed that Simon Cowell had had chest implants to “look more butch”. Simondenied it but admitted that he had botox injections….

When one looks at John Kerry plastic surgery photos before and after he will find that the nose of this gentleman has been subjected to correction. The bridge of his nose has got changed with it going thinner. This is sufficient indication that he has undergone rhinoplasty, a kind of plastic surgery performed in order to enhance the appearance and the functionality of the nose.
Simon Cowell plastic surgery procedures

In fact, Simon Cowell is a big beleiver in plastic surgery, but “not in an obsessive way. He admitted to getting Botox injections for the first time in 2007, and that he regulary gets touchs up.

In an interview with Piers Morgan, Simon Cowell said that he saw plastic surgery procedures as something similar to cleaning his teeth. During the interview when he was pressured a little on the topic of plastic surgery procedure he went on to say that he thought that one has to be really careful when thinking about going under the knife especially as a male simply because of it all goes wrong that you can end up looking really weird which is something he or for that matter anybody wouldn’t want at all and when you consider the plastic surgery results of some of the other male actors in Hollywood like Kenny Rogers, Mickey Rourke it is hard to not agree with him.

National Enquirer reports that Simon has taken a leaf from the Michael Jackson playbook—he has started sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber and has an at home technician. Their source reports, “Simon brought a technician with a portable hyperbaric chamber into his Beverly Hills home” after a neck lift procedure that uses “radio frequency energy to create tissue-firming collagen under the skin.” The source continues, “He spent about an hour a day in the chamber for a period for weeks. He usually fell asleep, and when he got out, he said he felt like a new man. Simon believes that being in the chamber helped suppress the swelling from his surgery as well as bloating from his drinking and years-long smoking habit.”

In fact, he obviously did not have any crazy desires from his plastic surgeon, and that is why his facial expression is not changed. The truth is, you can hardly find a single wrinkle on his face, but that is the results of botox injections.

Do you think Simon Cowell looks better before or after plastic surgery?

Plastic surgeries are completely normal nowadays, especially among celebrity persons, both men and women. In order to improve their looks, they will decide to go under knife, sometimes even too often, and that can really damage their natural looks and beauty. When it comes to Simon Colwell, it would be unfair to say that his look was ruined, because it was not. Simon Cowell now look younger than his real age. The male celebrity plastic surgery is quite good and people who want to try plastic surgery can learn his way.

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