Lucy Pinder Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lucy Pinder with her sexy appearance had become hot topic in some forums. The talented English model was listed among the plastic surgery users due to her hot body figure. Was Lucy Pinder plastic surgery true? Based on some reports, Lucy had gone under some procedures including breast implants, nose job and lip injection too. The change on the boobs size looked so obvious.

Lucy Pinder Boob Job

Lucy Pinder Breast Implants

Breast Implant is one of the most popular procedures among the celebrities. Some of them thought that having big boobs could increase their confidence. How is Lucy Pinder breast implants? this thread  is so possible. You might realize it after seeing her current appearance. She got big boobs with slim body figure. It looked  bit unusual. That’s why the breast implants may have been done.

Lucy Pinder Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lucy Pinder Nose Job and lip injection.

The other surgeries were rhinoplasty and lip injection. The lip injection might be true, but the nose job was hard to prove. Her current lips may get fillers injection like juvederm or restylane.It looks fuller. She might want to build up the sexiness on her lips.

How is Lucy Pinder nose job? We didn’t see clear change on her nose. Lucy Pinder nose job speculation may be just a pure speculation. You can try to see the before and after picture. She already got a slim nose. We feel doubt if she went under this procedure.

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