Lorenzo Lamas Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lorenzo Lamas, the American-Argentinian actor, had already become hot news among the people and plastic surgery chatters. The 56 years old man can’t avoid all the speculations. Many people and experts believed that Lorenzo had done some things on his appearance. There are two kinds of plastic surgery that were possibly done by him.. they are facelift and liposuction.

Lorenzo Lamas Plastic Surgery Before and After


the first procedure that was done by him is the facelift. seeing from his fresh and youthful look, it seems this was not a rumor. Lorenzo’s face didn’t look as old as his current age. The procedure must have tightened his facial skin. The plastic surgeon named Dr. Marc Mani was said as a plastic surgeon who handled the facelift. Some media even reported that Lorenzo got the procedure for his own reality show “Leave it to Lamas”.

Lorenzo Lamas Plastic Surgery Liposuction

a popular plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer ever told the media that he noticed that Lorenzo’s stomach looked having an abdominal liposuction. Seeing from a picture of him with no upper cloth, there’s an obvious saggy skin on his belly. This could be the effect of lipo. Dr David Shafer also has the same opinion about it.

Many people are so impressed with the way he maintained his appearance. Lorenzo lamas looked great and charming even though he is not a young guy anymore. What do you have in mind about his surgery? did he get the right choice?

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