Looking at Danielle Lloyd’s plastic surgery

The former Miss Britain – Danielle Lloyd married in May last year after having two children with her husband – the footballer – Jamie O’Hara. Danielle Lloyd is actively losing weight to regain her shape after childbirth. Despite many discussion and controversy words about her plastic surgery beauty but there is an indisputable fact: her plastic surgery was a great success. In addition, she had the confession having breast augmentation, nose job, injecting Botox and lip pumping.

Previously, Danielle Lloyd had have breast augmentation surgery but after two births, her breasts have many changes and so she felt the need to “edit” again. “I want breast augmentation before the wedding. My boobs are still beautiful but I still have a little sagging due to breastfeeding and so I want to “repair” it but I will still keep this size”, Danielle Lloyd shared. It is undeniable that the breast implants of Danielle is now a “masterpiece” even though she previously had to go through two sets of edits chest when things do not go according to what she wants. First time editing makes the breasts go in the wrong direction, causing her to perform cosmetic surgery the second time. Then, the breasts are not big enough as she had expected so she has performed surgery for the third time. And now things have stabilized. Her boobs are now a perfect work in all the work of plastic surgery.

The breast pump surgery is certain. But nose job rumors are not sure. Her beauty can be the natural beauty or also can be caused by cutlery. But look at the two pictures before and after becoming Miss Britain with higher and slimmer nose. It is also sharper, then, surely everyone has their own answer to this question.

Not only that, we also found a series of pictures with swollen lips and appears like a speculum. This is even more evident in the closer face photographs. Lips almost completely deformed. It’s hard to deny that Danielle did not use collagen to inject her lip as though she is rumored for a long time.

Recently, Danielle appeared in a fashion show with strange style, heavy makeup and looks pretty old, older than her usually youthful looking. It is right to note the face is covered by a thick layer of chalk and red lips, taut face, lifeless and not emotion. Many people believe that Danielle Lloyd had Botox injections to the desired lasting her youthful beauty. Danielle admitted this rumor to the press, all things with no unwanted facial wrinkles, though she had just stepped over the age of 30.

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