Lauren Conrad Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lauren Conrad is known well as an American TV personality. She is not only gorgeous, but she also got sexy appearance. However, behind her sexy appearance, the people noticed that Lauren could have done some things to enhance her look.It is probably plastic surgery. Some procedures that the 28 years old got including botox,chin implants and breast implants too.

Lauren Conrad Plastic Surgery Before and After


The sign of botox injection was seen from the surface of her facial look. She got flawless face, with a smooth forehead. We won’t find any wrinkles or even lines. Some people commented that, if only the botox injection was true. Lauren might a bit too early to do it, because she has got no problem with aging yet. A little wrinkles appeared could make it more natural. But we didn’t find any of them. That’s why the botox must have done it

Chin Implants

talking about the chin implants, it actually hard to prove, because any pictures, it didn’t show up clearly the result of chin might be just a pure speculation due to a camera effect on a picture of her.

Lauren Conrad Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

The Breast Implants

the breast implants sign was clearly seen.In the before and after picture, we can see that the size of her boobs looked bigger than before. Lauren Conrad used to have a flatter chest. Unfortunately, Lauren Conrad told the media and public that she didn’t do any enhancements on her boobs, the bigger size of breasts was caused by the bra she wore.

Talking about the surgeries she possible did, Lauren had already denied all of them. She claimed that she is natural with no plastic surgery. How do you see it? do you think that plastic surgery helped her so far?

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