Laura Prepon plastic surgery photos – natural or weird?

Laura Prepon plastic surgery result is really not good as she expected. Laura Prepon used plastic surgery with hoping to stay young but she made serious mistakes.

Laura Prepon plastic surgery really destroyed her beautiful look. As everybody knows, she used to have pretty face that came from good genes and she always having excellent make up actress too. Unfortunately, in her 34 years old this woman seems bit playing too hard with plastic surgery that makes her appearance really looks awful.

Laura Prepon plastic surgery photos – natural or weird?

Laura Prepon, born on March 7, 1980 in Watchung, New Jersey, U.S., was already interested in acting at an early age, eventually attending Caroline Thomas’ Total Theater Lab in New York City. While in New York, she has appeared in the stage productions of such plays as A Woman of Property and Ascension Day, giving her her first taste of professional acting.According to various reports, it is possible that Laura Prepon has had a nose job, changing her nose prominently. Laura Prepon is even suspected of undergoing cheek implants as well, based on her fuller and puffier cheeks. Her alleged new nose and cheeks are said to be the main reasons why her appearance has changed so radically.

 Laura Prepon plastic surgery – nose job

It’s reported after Laura Prepon’s nose looks changed both in size and shape. Her nose looks well defined and re structures due the pinched looks that can be seen now. Her nose used to bit bulbous and less pinched in the tip area. The nose job seems like the best work she has had done. The nose job made Laura Prepon more elegant than before.

 Laura Prepon plastic surgery photo before and after
While the botox injection made Laura Prepon’s forehead so smooth, some thought it was too smooth and not natural. The plastic surgery had been botched her lovely face. As you can see Laura Prepon plastic surgery before and after photos above, her face looks extremely rigid and very stiff too. She also makes a weird face whenever smile and it then pulled her face unnaturally. Her face looks so frozen too and it also makes her face less fresh yet looks older too. 

Finally, Laura Prepon also may have had a cheek implant. That procedure would make her cheeks look more full and plump. It seems that the cheek implant was aimed to prevent her cheek from getting hollow. It is actually making her cheek looks higher and fuller, but seems also swollen unnaturally too.

However, despite the persistence of all these rumors, Laura Prepon seems to be oblivious or unaffected by such claims. She has not confirmed nor denied such allegations of plastic surgery so people can only wonder whether Laura continue having a lot of cosmetic surgery within the future time as she will get recent by natural. The attainable answer is that she might need a lot of them and a lot of when she is already stepping into her 5th decade. Her career now totally depends basically on her beautiful and fresh looking.

What do you think of Laura Prepon’s plastic surgery? Does she look more beautiful after having some works done? Or does she look unnatural? Feel free to share your ideas with us!

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