Lacey Wildd plastic surgery

Lacey Wildd, a mother of 6 children who lives in Miami, United States, has recently appeared in the series of the reality TV show ‘My Strange Addiction’ performed by TLC channel shared about her life. The 46-year-old American mother shocked audiences when revealed her madness about plastic surgery as well as process of Lacey Wildd plastic surgery.

Lacey Wildd has undergone 12 breast surgeries. Even to achieve her desired beauty, she has continued to perform padded buttocks, waist liposuction and shrink the nose and eyes.

Lacey Wildd admitted herself as a plastic surgery addict. The cosmetic surgery addict says she wants to become a real-life Barbie doll with huge sizes in comparision with the original doll. Despite Lacey Wildd herself found that she was one of those patients who addicted to plastic surgery in the world but she still wants to continue bringing the number of cosmetic surgeries up again. Lacey Wildd plastic surgery spent $ 250 000 with 36 cosmetic surgeries. ‘I still want my boobs and my butt bigger. I do not think I have had a perfect physique. Cosmetic surgery makes the perfect. I proud when I was a beautiful plastic surgery model’, Lacey Wildd said.

However, her hourglass body is not considered as a standard of beauty that many women desired. Giant boob’s weight per side is 21 pounds that she always has difficulty in her daily activities. Every time she drove, she has to put a pillow over her breasts to protect them, also she only uses electric stove to prevent her breasts from burning while cooking. However, she still wishes to perform more cosmetic surgeries in the future.

Her injected lips are important goals should be mentioned. Lacey Wildd plastic surgery with lips injections helped her to achieve something she desired: to own sexy curve lips as great as her body. But her lips were too young with the body. Lacey Wildd’s efforts did not bring any results.

Lacey Wildd was very beautiful but plastic surgery has ruined her life, everything on her body is faked. Now, Lacey Wildd has become one of the typical examples of bad plastic surgeries.

Paula Thbert, who also goes by the moniker Lacey Wildd, is an actress, reality television personality and model known for her extreme body modifications and bust proportion.

Breast augmentations

Thbert has spent over $250,000 on breast augmentation surgeries. Originally an A cup, she has since moved to an LLL cup. To achieve this, Thbert has had 12 separate surgeries. As of mid 2014, Thbert is preparing for a surgery to move to a QQQ cup. To avoid harassment, she has not released the name of the doctor that will be performing the surgery. She has reported that she will be traveling to Brazil, a country well known for medical tourism, to complete the surgery.

To support her breast augmentations, Thbert had to have pig skin sewed inside her abdomen. She stated that “it feels like guitar strings.” She has also had to have an internal bra surgery to support her breasts and make sure that her skin could support them.

To sleep, Thbert has to lay at a thirty degree angle, or she feels like she “is being suffocated.” At their current size, her breasts weigh 42 lbs together.Other surgeries

Thbert has had 36 plastic surgery operations, stating, “I want to be the adult Barbie, like the extreme Barbie.” She has had her buttocks enlarged, eyes made wider, nose made thinner and a myriad of other procedures.

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