Korean plastic surgery: Top shocking idol photos before and after

Korean plastic surgery is very widely popular in the world. Many people have got Korean plastic surgery to own perfect beauty, especially idols in the country. Now, check out some celebrity photos before and after Korean plastic surgery that make fans shocked about their changing appearance.

Goo Hara is known as a member of KARA. Beside her great talent, she is also very attractive, sexy and good looking. In fact, behind her beautiful face, Goo Hara has got some Korean plastic surgery treatments and even been brave enough to admit it. She said that she had double eyelid surgery as well as some work done on her nose, and she’s had her teeth fixed too. It also looks like she’s had lip fillers.Her chin also looks a bit different as well.

Actress Yoo In Na’s middle school photos have resurfaced, shocking netizens with her unrecognizable past.  Her current long locks and adorable smile are different from her high school. By seeing her before and after images,this actress went from being a boy to a hottie. The results after a Korean plastic surgery including: nose, eyes and face. Her nose is bridge than before. Beside this her face showing that she has done some face treatments like cosmetic surgeries and face fillers to keep her skin alive and younger.

Former Miss Korea Kim Yoo Mi looks absolutely charming in the bottom left photo, but her school photos show that she’s gotten a lot of Korean plastic surgery .Even though most of her statements have denied getting any plastic eye treatments but one of her statement that “some treatments are not plastic surgery, as cosmetic surgeries or eyelid injections! So no one can claim me to have a plastic surgery”! The statement accidentally revealed that she went under the knife.

Lee Da Hae is one of the most beautiful actresses in South Korea. She also had rumors of Korean plastic surgery to be better in her performance. Some of her pictures show that there are some different of her face. The change is almost done totally. Some plastic surgeries that she actually got included, eyelid surgery, a nose job, and jaw surgery. Compare to her previous look, the current one is much more pretty. She looked using someone’s face and throw away her original look. She looked so beautiful after the procedures, but the people can’t deny that her face is fake.

Park Min Young might be one of the most sensational gossips about celebrity and plastic surgery in Korea.After the people found her childhood photo, they concluded that there must be something behind her beautiful look today. That is plastic surgery. She admitted the fact that she had 2 Korean plastic surgeries on her face. She got a very big changes, especially in her eyes and jaw. She also got a nose job. Park Min Young will be the example of great work. Her Korean plastic surgery has brought even more beauty upon an already beautiful women, so it will interesting to see how she fares now. Her huge fan base have been big supporters of her decision, mainly because she chose to be very open about it.

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