Kelly Rutherford Plastic Surgery Before and After

The 46 years old actress, Kelly Rutherford might be one of few celebrities who loved to share their experience with botox injection. Kelly had admitted having botox injection. And she did it before Hermes (her son) born. She stated that there must be a certain age when some people like having botox. Then, to OK!US Magazine, Kelly ever told that she had no plans having the same procedures in the future. How is she now?

Kelly Rutherford Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kelly’s current appearance still become a warm topic among the chatters and netizen. Many of them believed that the mother of two, Kelly, had gone under botox injection (again). Despite the speculation was still unproven, it was possible.

Kelly Rutherford with Botox Injection

As Kelly had said, some people may have certain age having botox. She may have this procedure again to keep her face fresh and smooth. You might wonder how she maintain her young appearance. The botox is one of the best solution for aging problem. many celebrities had gone under botox injection. Milla Jovovich who is younger than Kelly was also reported having the same procedure.

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Kelly Rutherford Plastic Surgery

It’s so unfortunate that Kelly has not confirmed anything related to beauty enhancement that she got. it made some people discussing it in some forums. She only told a little secret about her beauty. It was a Quality of sleep. She briefly stated that rest was so important, especially when we had children. What do you have in mind about Kelly Rutherford plastic Surgery? Leave your opinion in the available box

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