Kay Silver plastic surgery

The story about Kay Silver plastic surgery

Kay Silver (56, British) started as a model, belly dancer and also a hypnotist. For Kay Silver, this time of the last year was about the happiest time in her life. Kay Silver plastic surgery not only brought her beauty but also gives her a boyfriend, her true love. But only after 1 year, happiness has disappeared completed, cosmetic surgery did not help her hold her young boyfriend. Knife surgery is not the key to happiness. But when Kay Silver realized that, she has spent £5,000 on facelifts and neck lift.

Kay Silver plastic surgery before is proud of her beauty. However, in 1995, Kay experienced her first terrible marriage broke down. The broken marriage made her extremely distressed and desperate. Since then, the beauty has come down associated with an obese body started out with fat, sagging and wrinkled skin, causing her to lose confidence when faced with men. Then she was introduced and guided to become a belly dancer. She has spent over five nights per week just to dance. Only in a short time later, Kay’s body becomes slender and toned. But the skins of the neck and face have imbalanced with her youthful body so she has had plastic surgery to regain her youthful.

On May 8/2011, Kay has spent £5,000 for cosmetic surgery to help her young back to the age of 20. Kay Silver plastic surgery after was very glad with the new look. Soon after, she met  and dated with Dean, 37 years old but he did not know his girlfriend is more than 50 years old. The love of two people became further closeness, this also made Kay worried that Dean would break up with her if he knew her real age. For a long time, Kay had lived in  the worry that she would lose her young boyfriend. Cosmetic surgery helps Kay to gain confidence in herself and she has continued to seek plastic surgery to maintain her love.

Kay thought Dean totally loved her and he could accept her real age. On a romantic vacation, she let Dean knew her real age. Although a bit shocked, Dean still comforted that it would not affect the feelings of two people. Then she shared with him about her plastic surgeries and Dean is very comfortable on this issue. Even on December 2011, Dean resigned to take care of her after Kay Silver neck lift surgery.

January 2012, this couple moved to live together. However, Dean has always expressed a desire to have children. Kay Silver plastic surgery can help she to regain the beauty of the 30 age but her body could not fight the aging time. Kay, although loves Dean very much, but was too old to have children. And to September 2013, after nearly two years of living together, things have changed. At that time, Kay felt the whole world was collapsing under her feet, she continued to sink into miserable life. Again, she lost weight and beauty.

Luckily, now Kay was able to regain balance in her live and share her stories. She realized, plastic surgery gave her happiest time of life with a​boyfriend younger nearly 20 years. But surgeon’s knife can’t help her to hold the love.

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