Kathy Griffin Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Plastic surgery attraction can’t be denied by most celebrity. Unfortunately just a few of them who loved to share about their experience with this famous beauty shortcut.Kathy griffin is one of actress who loved to share.
Kathy Griffin is actually known as comedian and also an actress. Her different looked in recent years was said as the plastic surgery result. She herself had revealed about it. She stated that she got some procedures like Nose job, liposuction, browlift.

Kathy Griffin Nose Job

Nose job
it’s one of the most popular plastic surgery in America, and many celebrities had done this procedure at least to make the tip of the nose smaller. Kathy claimed that she went under nose job (rhinoplasty) she made her nose slimmer. She no longer had big nose.

Kathy Griffin Plastic surgery Liposuction


In order to maintain the beauty of her body, she then went under liposuction. She even explained that she took liposuction twice. Because she feel disappointed with he first result. the first liposuction left a bad side effect for her body. She felt pain when she wanted to move. Knowing that the lipo didn’t run well. She then take the twice. It’s so lucky that the procedure was done well and she could be better than before.

Kathy Griffin Plastic Surgery Before and After

Browlift and chemical peeling
Because she was getting older, Kathy tried browlift and made her face looked fresh with no wrinkles and sagging skin around her face. As the result she could feel that her face looked very smooth. It was also combined with chemical peel to refine her facial area and tightened it.

She might feel that she looked great after the lplastic surgery but for some people, they thought tha Kathy had just lost her natura

Further, the media also reported that she took other enhancements like teeth surgery.She even used a dental implant too.

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