Kate Middleton Duchess Of Cambridge have plastic surgery or not ?

Kate Middleton is a dreamful icon of style, fashion and beauty that all women in the world want.

From smallest things of her attract and catch attention of people around. Almost things she uses become fashion and trend of millions of women. They have tried to copy admirers as her hair, her wedding gown, her engagement dress

Even her nose become the hottest topic of woman when many people think that Kate Middleton had nose job, and they have been very hard to search or find where Middleton got her nose job. It soon becomes a surge and obsession among women.

One woman said “I try to get in every picture I can. Her nose is what I modeled with and that’s what I got. It was definitely a process, but it was so worth it.”

The woman has been only people who expressed her admiration and thirsty for Middleton’s nose. Dr. Stephen Greenberg, a British cosmetic surgery company revealed that Kate’s nose was the most requested and popular procedure of their customer last year. His company had make a file of a dozen Kate Middleton for customer services. He also added in the next month, at least 20 women scheduled to get nose job aiming at having new nose like their admirer Kate Middleton’s nose.On Daily News, Dr. Thomas Romo of Lenox Hill Hospital told that woman especially over the age of 28, want to the Duchess’ nose.

However, the Duchess’ nose has been natural-looking and perfectly in proportion to her face. Thus, it’s difficult to define she had nose job or not.
Whether Kate Middleton Duchess Of Cambridge have plastic surgery or not ? There’s countless before and after photos make people imagine and believe she had nose job done before, and even Botox injections.

It’s clearly evidence of the truth. Her nose before may have thicker bridge and tip. We can’t know for sure about her Botox injections, but she had a surprise and flawless youthful face at her age.
Let’s take a look her picture and have your own thought.

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