Joan Van Ark’s Plastic Surgery – Disasters!

If you think about disasters of celebrity plastic surgery, saying Joan Van Ark in this list! She is well-known as roles on TV shows “Dallas” and “Knots Landing”.

Looking at her before and after photos will help you realize that it’s actually true.

Joan Van Ark has experienced so many plastic surgical procedures, and the number is unknown. However, if you see Joan Van Ark’s images of before and current face, you can know some basic procedures she has got.

Her leather-like skin shows that she has had multiple facelifts while her slightly smaller nose is supposed to be a rhinoplasty. Her lips are fuller than they were in “Knots Landing”. This indicates the star has used collagen injections. Moreover, her cheeks are clearly fuller which prooves she has likely had cheek implants. Joan has also had Botox injections because she has few wrinkles on her face for her old age.

Joan Van Ark was often asked about her plastic surgery in many interviews, but she has  avoided the topic and hasn’t made a statement about it.

You will know more about her plastic surgery through Dr. Anthony Youn’s opinion:

“She’s such a pretty woman so it’s a shame she may have altered her looks considerably with plastic surgery. In my opinion, she appears to have had a browlift and upper blepharoplasty, creating the “hollowed out” appearance to her upper eyes. Her nose looks thinner and shorter, possibly from a rhinoplasty. Her lips also appear augmented, likely from Restylane. In addition, her neckline is almost impossibly sharp for a 64 year old, and can be the result of a facelift. Her cheeks are somewhat puffy, possibly due to facial fat grafting. Finally, her skin has a smooth, waxy sheen. This can be caused by a combination of Botox (forehead), Juvederm (frown lines) and chemical peels or laser treatments.”

He added:

“While I think that some of these (possible) procedures work for her (facelift, injectable fillers), others have not improved her appearance at all (rhinoplasty, lip augmentation). Maybe she should take some advice from her contemporary Joan Collins and not have any plastic surgery at all!”

It’s common for celebrities to go through little plastic procedures so as to maintain their youthful looks when they’re older. But some of these plastic surgeries damage their looks instead of fixing it. It may be nice to see how Joan Van Ark would look like if she decided to age gracefully. Joan Van Ark plastic surgery is a good example which shows that plastic surgeries are not always successful, especially when you decide to completely change your look.

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