Jennifer Connelly Breast Reduction Surgery

Rumors on Jennifer Connelly Breast Reduction Surgery are popular because her past and current photos show clearly her changes. Is it true that she got breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery can help women who are unhappy with the shape, weight or droop of their breasts by making them smaller and more lifted. Today, many celebrities used it to reshape their boob and Jennifer Connel is one of them. According to recent rumors, actress Jennifer Connelly had a breast reduction. Alternatively, she lost a lot of weight. On the other hand, it could also be that she had breast implants removed and is now back at her natural breast size.

Jennifer Connelly Breast Reduction Surgery

Even experts such as plastic surgeons have a hard time giving us a straight answer. Did she have the breast reduction or not? She denies having had a breast reduction surgery, saying that it was purely weight loss that gave her her knew appearance. Her manager has said the same. He has even provided photographic proof for their argument that she has not had any surgeries done. However, fans showed the differences between her photos before and after breast reduction surgery rumors:

Jennifer Connelly looks maybe five pounds heavier in before picture here and consequently has a slightly larger breast size. She’s definitely not as heavy as she was in the previous before picture though.

  Again, Jennifer Connelly’s face looks slimmer in the after picture. It’s clear that her breast size drop was due to either breast reduction surgery or weight loss. But which one?

This photo makes me think that she may have gotten breast reduction surgery. Although, she clearly has more support for her boobs in the before photo and barely any in the after.

There you have it folks! Was it breast reduction or weight loss?
It is unclear whether Jennifer had breast implants and then breast reduction surgery or if she was naturally busty and had the reduction because of the neck and back pain that is often associated with a large chest. Jennifer Connelly’s breast stories are entirely based on rumors as the actress never officially said that she put herself under a surgeon’s knife. Of course that most of the actresses that improved themselves over the years don’t like to say it out loud. It’s their little secret. Still Jennifer doesn’t show any signs of plastic surgery, no scars and no signs of any side effects which makes it even harder to identify the truth. No matter what she did or did not have done, Jennifer Connelly still resembles the impressively gorgeous actress she has always been. She may just be less pain filled now thanks to smaller breasts, be they surgically reduced or naturally reduced from weight loss. This may be one of the rumors that we never get the chance to find out the real story behind a breast size of an actress. However, considering her talent and beauty, her breast size is not the only thing Jennifer Connelly has going for her.

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