Jenelle Evans’s plastic surgery before and after

Keep moving forward, Jen !

Jenelle Evans, the Teen Mom who is maybe famous for being a horrible mom to her son – Jace, is trying her hardest to be a better mom now.

We’ve actually watched this show, and her son is around four years old. How long does it take to be a good mom?  She didn’t spend time or take care of her son. She didn’t do anything for him but what did she do? She had undergone surgeries.

We all know that Jenelle Evans had a boob job, Jenelle Evans underwent surgery for her breast augmentation (she went from an A cup to a C  cup !), and she revealed it just one day after having the surgery, seem very proud. ‘I can’t wait’, she said ! Not difficult to hidebut she showed like this :

It is clearly to see that her boobs are bigger than before and she took a lot of pictures to show that. But after searching, we found some interesting things that maybe she had a chin implant !

Strange she wanted an implant, liked her allot more before the implant. Much more masculine after the implant. It’s not necessarily. A pointed small chin implant can enhance a feminine look. As you can see, her wide, broad and dimpled chin is normally associated with masculinity. She should never get a chin implant unless she has an obvious receding chin. If you get a chin implant, you’ll look more like a man…

And we believe that she had a nose job, too.

Her nose gets smaller, easy to see the top, especially the cartilage. And one another thing that we have to notice that after having a baby, her brows must lower, the face loses bone mass and fat, and her lips should thin out. She has gone in the opposite direction of all the signs of a new mom after birth. Her face is plastic. Her upper part of face is higher than lower part of face and she have protruding jaw, this defect is maybe covered with photoshop, makeup or plastic surgery?

She looks very different from the movie ‘Teen Mom’, we thought it was due to a nose or boob job ! But you know, everyone looks different when they’ve been in the cinema industry for a few years. They are dressed up better and good make up artistes can make anyone look good ! So the nose job maybe is the true or perhaps it’s just a rumor.

She needs to grow up, take some responsibility and act more like a mother should do ! All she has to do is take medicine, stay home with her kid, and get a job. She doesn’t need men, she doesn’t need her own place. Anyway, keep moving forward, Jen !

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