Jamie Lynn Sigler Nose Job & Breast Implants, Plastic Surgery Picture

Jamie Lynn Sigler is known best as her role in TV Series, The Sopranos (1999-2007). The 33 years old singer and actress is so gorgeous. Behind her beauty along her career, her fans and some people noticed that there was a significant change on her face that could be a sign of plastic surgery. The change was seen on the shape of her nose. The people believed that she got a nose job (rhinoplasty).

Jamie Lynn Sigler Nose Job

Jamie Lynn Sigler Nose Job

talking about a nose job in America, this procedure is no longer a  new thing. Many celebrities had already tried this surgery. Many of them felt better with their new nose. the nose job had become a big trend. it was not only done by many old celebrities but also some young starlet. Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus were reported having this procedure as well.

Jamie Lynn Sigler’s current nose looked having slimmer shape. she used to have a wider nose with a more pointed tip. After the rhinoplasty, the tip looked lifted up.  This is an indication of a nose job. She is so lucky that the nose job was done nicely. It looked match to her face. And she looked enjoying her new appearance too.

Jamie Lynn Sigler Plastic surgery Breast Implants

Jamie Lynn Sigler Breast implants

Beside the nose job, there was also a possibility that she took a breast implants (boob job). This is the reason why the size of he breast got bigger size now. To have big breast has been dreamed by many women. She might want to have them too. It will make her appearance sexier and more confident.

What do you think of Jamie Lynn Seigler? Did she look better now?

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